We are partnering with crypto exchanges to help them achieve the best market conditions for their market participants. We give exchanges full service for market making, volume building, portfolio rebalancing, hedging and technical support. We create sustainable and long lasting business relationships.


Exchange Needs

Maintaining a low spread in price and a liquid order book at all times are essential for an efficient market environment. As a result, traders and investors are able to buy and sell at fair prices and in desired quantities at any time with lower price volatility. Thus, markets will become attractive to traders, will grow organically and increase volume. In addition, your markets will benefit from higher trust scores and liquidity ratings on CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko and other data reporting sites.


Exchange Common Shortcomings

A quick review of exchange order books usually reveals a lot of mispricings compared to other exchanges. These mispricings include both executed trades and sitting orders in the order book. In order to get aligned with other exchanges, we need to:

  1. Eliminate mispricings in executed trades. This can be done with cross-exchange price matching in order to push prices in line with prices on other exchanges and minimise arbitrage opportunities. We can provide price mirroring from a major exchange or from a pool of exchanges.
  2. Wide bid-ask spreads in order books need to be tightened. This can be done with a market making bot that will maintain desired spreads.


Orcabay Market Making Services

– Improve liquidity depth in the order books

– Lower the spread between bid & ask

– Cross-exchange price mirroring – minimise arbitrages

– 24/7 market making on multiple trading pairs

– We can hedge exchange funds inventory in $ value 

– Monthly liquidity statistics report

– Technical support contact


Orcabay Requirements 

– Exchange provides API access to their exchange making account

– Exchange creates new mirroring exchange account

– Exchange provides the funds inventory for market making

– Exchange keeps custody of their funds at all times. Orcabay executes trades through API access and does not require withdrawal rights

– List of trading pairs (trading pairs must exist on both exchanges)

– Technical support contact


We believe that Orcabay and exchange incentives must be aligned with the common goal to maximise exchange volume and consequently collect more trading fees.


Please schedule a call with us for additional information.